Greg Sailors
Greg Love Sailors, can’t help but to create and cultivate environments for people to have intimate encounters with God. He loves to do that by igniting hearts into redemptive friendships that lead to redemptive communities that rescue hearts and advance the Kingdom of God. "Love" is Greg’s middle name, after all, and any time, any way he can, he wants to make life all about loving God and loving others. As the director of Zoweh Allies, Greg gets to walk into many kingdoms with many kings as an ambassador and strategist of all the good God is up to in the hearts of men.  Greg is passionate about helping men’s groups be vibrant, healthy, and empowering. He is currently writing The Battle Plan, a book about helping men launch redemptive communities.  Beyond His relationship with Jesus, Greg's first priority is his family, loving his beautiful wife Kryssy of 20+ years and enjoying his four sons - Jackson, Luke, Landan, and Joshua (aka - Bean). When Greg is not on the job he loves to be on adventure. Whether hunting, fishing, or tucked away in the remote beauty of God's Creation with his sons or friends, being outdoors is a major passion that draws him into God’s larger story and romance for his heart!