It doesn’t take long to discover the pain in another person's life. Fear, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, uncertainty, loneliness ... the list goes on. The world has suffered a great loss of heart.

At Zoweh, we believe we can meet people in that place of pain and help them on their journey to becoming more wholehearted. We want the world to know the intimate love of God’s heart toward them, because we believe that is the key to living with a whole heart. We create resources and environments for men, women, and marriages to invite and cultivate intimacy with God.

Your generosity enables thousands of people around the world to be resourced and invited into environments where they can experience intimacy with God and orientation to a Kingdom life - living with a whole heart. 100% of your donation directly funds this mission and we are so grateful.

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Partner Care Team

The Zoweh Partner Care Team is here to serve the valued hearts who financially support the vision, mission, and strategy of Zoweh. If you need assistance, please contact the Zoweh Partner Care Team at or call (919) 355-8520.

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