Father's Day 2020

You Got This!

This Father’s Day, we are providing men with the resources to help them step into this glorious role of Dad, to live as a Beloved Son, and learn how to fight well for the hearts of others.   We are offering two important resources for FREE and discounting The Heart of Warrior books to equip, encourage, and honor men for Father's Day.

Join thousands of men turning to the Father to become the Beloved Son, take back lost ground in their hearts, and bring their families, marriages, and friendships into deeper connection…  partnering with God to reclaim ground lost to the enemy and blaze a trail to more Life, more Love, and more Freedom.
We're with you and for you Dads!  God and you got this!

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Overcoming the Unexpected - A Conversation with Michael Thompson and John Eldredge

Join Michael and SJ as they have a conversation with John Eldredge, author and leader of Ransomed Heart.

Zoweh's Mission

Helping men and women experience more life, more love, and more freedom by enjoying more intimacy, oneness, and connectedness with God.

Loved by God and Loving Others.

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Zoweh Allies
Zoweh Allies are churches, ministries and individuals who are creating environments where redemptive friendships lead to communities that focus on deeper intimacy with God and others.  Think you might be an ally or what to start a small group? Connect with our Allies Team by email.