Before you can become the Warrior, you must become the Beloved Son. There's a reason good friends are hard to find: you don't find them, you make them. They are made on the journey of the heart. Masculine friendship, brotherhood, redemptive community are forged over time together, knowing one another's stories and journeying together for more.

Invite a few men (or a few dozen!) to journey together with you into The Heart of a Warrior Expedition small group series. Join Michael Thompson, author of The Heart of a Warrior and Search and Rescue and a few of his closest friends as they share from their lives and journeys the good that God is up to in their lives ... stories of how God has been healing their hearts and training them up together.

The Heart of a Warrior Expedition is designed to accompany The Heart of a Warrior Journal Workbook.  If you're leading a group and have questions, please email

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