Beloved, welcome to The Deepening Community! We recognize from scripture that the Trinity created us for relationship. Heaven’s grand design was that the culture of the Kingdom of God would be translated to the earth and that we would also live in relationships, in family, in community. It isn’t just that life is too hard to go it alone. More than that, our hearts were designed for life with others and with God.

Are you longing to experience that intimacy with God, that exploration and goodness with friends around the table? You are a beloved daughter, you matter, and we would love to get to know YOU more. There is a place for you at the table.

Next Around the Table: Thursday, June 8 at 8PM (EST)

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Adventure Together

Journey Together

Do Life Together

We have found such value in our friendships with one another - encouragement, inspiration, soul care, companionship in life’s hard and shared celebration in the joys and triumphs.  Through conversation and coffee, chocolate and time away to rest and play, and through sharing the stuff of our lives and the work of our hands and hearts, we are enriched and made more beautiful.  And we have a chance to offer our beauty and our good hearts to others.

For all of those reasons, part of our desire for The Deepening Experience is that women who journey with us would begin to establish redemptive friendships and communities where they live.  And that those communities would also be connected to our Zoweh team as well as the other local communities across geography into a larger family.  We would love to partner with you in taking “more love, more life and more freedom” to those around you - providing resources, encouragement, and friendship.

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We invite you into the story God is telling - a love story, set in the midst of fierce battle. This is the story of your life and mine - the glory we are born with, the wounds our hearts experience along the way, and our restoration back into shalom and the good that God intended for us. Journey with us into the story of Belovedness.