About Zoweh

Redeeming Generational Masculinity

Our men's initiatives include weekend conferences, resources, cross-generational relationships designed to bring you face-to-face with God for healing in your life. We aim to demonstrate and invite a man into what it looks like for the masculine heart to follow God. Join us on an expedition for the recovery of your deep masculine heart and the restoration of who you are in order for you to play your part well in and for the kingdom of God.

Men 18 - 40's

Men 40's - 60's

Men 60's & up

Join the Ranks of Zoweh Allies

Zoweh Allies provide a culture of godly masculinity that loves and leads men in a way that will last for generations to come.

Events for Men

The purpose of Zoweh events is to create a safe space where men, women, and couples can encounter God, experience Him in wonderfully intimate ways, and enter into life-changing transformation. We invite you to get away with God. Unplug from all the noise, the busyness, and the demands of the every day routine, and invite Jesus to take you through your story—the moments or seasons in your life that He wants to heal and restore, in order to shape you more fully into who you truly are.
The Heart of a Warrior Encounter
King Me Advance

Host a Dangerous For Good Men's Summit

A Dangerous For Good Men’s Summit is designed to be a catalyst event for the men in your church or community to experience an encounter with God and to begin a journey of orientation and wholeheartedness.

Dangerous For Good Men's Summit