Often the stories that inspire men are those of hearts on a journey together, unsung heroes facing challenges and often overwhelming odds, stepping into moments where they must battle evil shoulder-to-shoulder or even back-to-back for a cause greater than any one individual … ever wonder why? 

These stories we feel somewhere deep in our souls are the stories for which God made us. These stories actually are offering us something … calling us to a certain kind of life—the life and journey that declares, “this is what it looks like to follow God.”  These stories move us because God has placed within us something which can be moved … a masculine heart that bears His image!

Our Men’s Initiatives include weekend conferences and retreats designed to bring you face-to-face with God and with great hope for change in your life.  We long to both demonstrate and invite a man into what it looks like for the masculine heart to follow God. So we invite you to join us on an expedition for the recovery of your deep masculine heart and the restoration of who you are in order for you to play your part well in and for the Great Kingdom of Christ.