Father's Day 2020

Dads, we believe you can do it, and we want you to know you are not alone.  This Father’s Day, we want to provide men with the resources to live as God’s Beloved Sons - rescuing their own hearts and the hearts of other men while advancing the Kingdom of God in a very significant way.

Join thousands of men, Warriors in the Kingdom, fighting to take back lost ground in their hearts and bringing their marriages, families, and work places deeper into the Kingdom of God … partnering with God to reclaim ground lost to the enemy.

The mission of Zoweh Allies is to rescue hearts and advance the Kingdom by connecting kindred hearts and inviting one another into deeper intimacy, oneness, and connectedness with God and each other. We endeavor to be a catalyst of redemptive friendships that assists churches, ministries, and individuals to rescue hearts and advance the kingdom all around the world.

Allies are taking the message redemption, freedom and deep friendships to small groups, fire pits, coffee shops, churches, and any place Kingdom Life is being offered.

We want to partner with you in friendship to help you equip, train, resource, and encourage other men who have come awake to who they are, where they are, and the good that God is up to in their lives. We believe that ministry and missions are born out of Redemptive Friendships. We hope to encourage you in your walk with Christ and your fight for the hearts of other men. We would love to help you by offering assistance with our resources like The Heart of a Warrior and The Expedition small group video series.

We love to connect and train leaders through our conference calls, live webinars, blogs, and shared stories all to inspire and encourage you and your group of men. We also offer free coaching to explore with you what the next steps for your church, small group, or nonprofit may be. No group of men is exactly like another. We want to help you discover the unique needs and strength of your group.

To learn more, email us at allies@zoweh.org, and stay informed by joining the Zoweh Allies Dispatch using the form at the bottom of this page.

Allies Recalibrate

Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/598371861

To join by phone, dial (929) 436-2866

Meeting ID: 598 371 861

Are you looking for a community to plug into?

Isolation is one of the greatest tools of the enemy. Zoweh's mission has always been to connect hearts for greater intimacy, oneness, and connectedness with God and others, and during the COVID-19 crisis, our mission has become especially critical. There are churches, ministries and individuals all around the world who are creating environments to share redemptive community digitally. Are you looking for a community to plug into? Please don't give in to isolation. Click here to find a group meeting online or connect with our Allies Team by email and let us help you find or start a community.

Who is an Ally?

Zoweh Allies are Churches, Ministries and Individuals who are creating environments where redemptive friendships lead to communities that focus on deeper intimacy with God and others.
Think you might be an ally? Connect with our Allies Team by
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