Missional Friendships Redeeming Generational Masculinity

Zoweh Allies is a boots-on-the-ground national network of men who are committed to a missional friendship with Zoweh to create environments, offer resources, and provide relationships with men in their sphere of influence, to advance the mission of redeeming generational masculinity for the healing of men, women, marriages, and families.

Monthly Zoweh Allies Briefings on Zoom

Fourth Thursday of Every Month
8pm (EST)

Zoweh Allies provide a culture of godly masculinity that loves and leads men in a way that will last for generations to come.

Join the Movement as a Zoweh Ally

Zoweh Allies are alumni of The Heart of a Warrior Encounter or King Me Advance weekends, and are actively engaged in guiding other men toward the same healing, training, initiation, and validation from God. If you're interested in becoming a Zoweh Ally, start an application.

Did you know?… It takes $120K a year to operate Zoweh Allies

Providing the best care for the Zoweh Allies consumes a lot of fuel–with resource development, personnel hours, graphics, web presence, travel expenses, event production, and even maintaining communication channels, it adds up to $120K/year! We are encouraging (not requiring) all Zoweh Allies to consider supporting the initiative by becoming a monthly partner.

Equip. Encourage. Deploy.

Upcoming Events

  • DFG Men's Summit in Xenia, OH | August 2-3
  • DFG Men's Summit in Charlotte, NC | October 4-5
  • DFG Men's Summit in Houston, TX | October 25-26
  • DFG Men's Summit in Naples, FL | Dates TBD
  • King Me Advance 2025 | Dates TBD

Host a Dangerous For Good Men's Summit

A Dangerous For Good Men’s Summit is designed to be a catalyst event for the men in your church or community to experience an encounter with God and to begin a journey of orientation and wholeheartedness.

Dangerous For Good Men's Summit