About Zoweh
Zoweh's mission is to create environments where individuals or couples are invited to experience intimacy, connectedness, and oneness with God and each other. It is our hope that these initiatives draw you closer to the heart of God and compel you to take another step in your journey to becoming a more wholehearted you!

Men's Initiative

Our men’s initiatives include weekend conferences and one-day gatherings designed to bring you face-to-face with God and with great hope for change in your life. We long to demonstrate and invite a man into what it looks like for his masculine heart to follow God.

Women's Initiative

Our women's initiatives invite you to step into an environment where God can meet you and bring freedom to your heart. Life in the Kingdom is a good story, a hard story, and one that calls every woman to recover from the battle, find her voice, and reclaim her irreplaceable role as a daughter of God.

Marriage Initiative

Marriage may be the most sacred of all human relationships—two people, coming together as one. There may not be anything more powerful than two people walking with God together. Marriage is worth fighting for and having the right weapons and tools, training and orientation is crucial.

Zoweh Allies

Zoweh Allies is a boots-on-the-ground national network of men who are committed to a missional friendship with Zoweh to create environments, offer resources, and provide relationships with men in their sphere of influence, to advance the mission of redeeming generational masculinity for the healing of men, women, marriages, and families.

Elder-Sage Initiative

Michael Thompson, author of The Heart of a Warrior and King Me, is joined by a series of guests—business owners, pastors, veterans, athletes, and friends—for candid and heartfelt roundtable conversations about the current state of masculinity, the need for oriented Elder-Sages to guide younger men, and the hope that an older generation of men can still offer to the world.