Discovery can be a wonderful thing. The word doesn’t necessarily mean something is "new," it means "it’s new to you." Over time, things can get lost  … stories, wisdom, truths, even people can get lost and hearts lose their way.

The Exploring More podcast invites you into conversations where we share our discoveries of the wild and wonderful Kingdom of God … how it works, who we are in it, and the Love and Life that is constantly pursuing us. The Kingdom of God isn’t easy, nor is everything in our story good—there are predators and parasites in the spiritual realm, another kingdom, the kingdom of darkness that violently opposes our becoming more.

We aspire to offer hope through honest conversations and the sharing of invaluable discoveries we hope will encourage our friends on their journeys to uncovering who they are, where they are, and the good God is up to in their lives … the more that is waiting to be explored.

Series: King Me

Series: Elder-Sage Initiative

Series: End Isolation

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Series: Revisiting Grief, Loss, and Thankfulness?

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Series: Debunking Prayer

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Series: What's Wrong with Men 2019

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