What is a DFG Summit?
A catalyst team of men, women, or couples, deployed to a local area, including a host or host team, with some measure of relational equity and favor (perhaps within their church or some other alumni/allies) to reach the people within their sphere of influence with Zoweh’s message of living the abundant life Jesus promises. John 10:10. More love, more life, more freedom.

Why a DFG Summit?
There is an urgency to move this message from one large event into the communities of our Allies to advance the mission of Redeeming Generational Masculinity and Redemptive Communities everywhere. The result is more local opportunities to invite more men and women into the message of life and restoration. Redeeming Generational Masculinity begins with you.

What it Does
A DFG Summit brings a local version of HWE, TDW, or TRP events to encourage men, women, and/or couples on the journey of orientation and wholeheartedness. ADFG Summit by nature is an event to move hearts forward.

How it Works
Zoweh deploys 3-5 of the day-to-day Zoweh team and invite 5-8 additional local friends from Warrior, King, and Elder-Sage leadership teams to join as responders, registration team, I-Team, medics, and outpost team WORKING WITH THE LOCAL HOST/ALLIES.

Which of these Zoweh resources are you most interested in sharing with your community?