During last month’s Recalibrate I was away tending to a family matter. My co-host Josh Overton and Zoweh’s very own I-Team Captain, Dave Brown, had the opportunity to talk about intercessory prayer and its importance to us as individuals and as friends and especially to our Zoweh Allies Frontlines Network.

As Dave indicated, it is his desire to live his life as a prayer, where everything in his life is approached as if it were prayer (because it is or can be) … like taking a shower, going for a bike ride, sitting around a fire circle or grabbing coffee with a friend.

“When Jesus is invited to be a part of it,” Dave encouraged, “ALL of it is prayer.” 

That’s one of the ways we’re all beginning to move more throughout the Zoweh community: walking with God in and across every aspect, arena, and relationship of our lives.

Josh and Dave also spoke about the whole concept of intercessory prayer. For many of us, intercessory prayer can be intimidating … especially when we’re praying for others in a public setting. It’s refreshing to hear things like, “When they come from the heart, God loves simple and to the point prayers.” Of particular interest to me were the concepts of “Intercessorial Listening,” which Dave and Josh highlighted.

Intercessorial Listening is an approach to prayer, where you just listen intently to the people around you, and, as they share what they’re wanting and hoping for, you just echo those thoughts to God. This type of listening is so important in our Zoweh Allies community as we love the hearts of men back to life and can also be employed as we lead our groups. Intercessory prayer doesn’t have to be formal, long, or spruced up with religious sounding words. It can be just as simple as the prayer, “Jesus, I so want Josh to have exactly what I see and hear he’s hoping for right now.” And that’s it, my friends! That’s intercessory prayer (Intercessorial Listening)—just a few quick seconds of intentional heart-focus. Such prayers are so very pleasing and precious to our Savior, the One who wants so much for us all and only waits for us to ask.

Recalibrate concluded with Dave introducing a portion of what we’re calling “The Allies Prayer.” Afterward, several folks had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the prayer. We’d like to hear your thoughts, too. Accordingly, provided below is a link to a recording of the Recalibrate broadcast as well a link to the entire version of The Allies Prayer. Again, we’d love to hear your thoughts on prayer as well as The Allies Prayer.  You can email us at

If you’re interested in engaging with Dave, he can be reached at  If you’re interested in reading more by Dave, his two books, The Big Book: An Introduction to Philosophies of Jiin Senshi Do (2020) and Experiments in Prayer: Monastic Practice in Ordinary Life (2018), are available on Amazon.