So we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well. - 1 Thessalonians 2:8

The mission isn’t simple, but the ingredients are.

Last Recalibrate, we explored the topic of Leadership vs. Lovership. Great leadership is so more than just x’s and o’s and accomplishing tasks; it’s going after something more sacred ... the heart.

1. Leadership assimilates information, Lovership facilitates story.

Our gatherings with our brothers should never feel like a meeting. Anybody ever attended a work meeting that should have been an email? Don’t circle up with your men to just exchange information. Instead, exchange stories.

These are the ingredients of a good circle: Love. Intimacy. Oneness. Connectedness. With God and With One Another.

I remember growing up and attending family cookouts, back when second and third cousins still showed up. Every gathering, I devoured my meal as quickly as possible to make my way to the dessert table, in truth, just to get my grandmother’s 7-layer chocolate cake. (Hold on ... need to drive to her house right now and ask her to bake it while I’m on the way.) As I grew older, I not only had the privilege of tasting it, but being invited to see how she made it. I was blown away at the simplicity of the ingredients, yet it’s something that still to this day I will never turn down. 

No matter how many times you bake the cake, the ingredients never change. And it delivers every single time. The ingredients shouldn’t change in your circles either.

2. Leadership checks the box, Lovership resists the rush.

We’ve all arrived at our men’s group on two wheels. Life is just busy, no matter what season or phase of life that you find yourself in. The temptation, especially if you’re leading the group, is to be there, but just check the box. Another weekly gathering was accomplished. Another chapter completed.  

Leave the speed for Sundays at Daytona. When we rush, we miss. We miss the story. We miss the chance to uncover the gems. We so often miss the heart. Your 3 questions aren’t more important than their story. Resist the rush.

3. Leadership is Lovership, and Leadership is bleedership

Not only will you rescue the wounded, you will be wounded along the way and oftentimes by the very ones that you’re attempting to save. It makes love that much more critical.

For more on this topic, be sure to watch the full Recalibrate episode here: and join us this Thursday, May 19 for the final Recalibrate episode of the spring.