The tears ... streamed down, and I let them flow as freely as they would, making of them a pillow for my heart. On them it rested. - St. Augustine, Confessions

There are layers to healing. Oftentimes we are brought back to a story where something else needs to be explored, named, grieved, and tended to. And a deeper level of healing can be experienced. God brings healing to our injured hearts in countless ways. Healing is not linear.

No one’s healing path is the same, yet the terrain is similar. Faith grows to the degree that we do what seems counterintuitive: open our heart to remember, grieve, and ask God to engage our anguish with tenderness. This is a healing path that is life-giving, freeing, and empowering. - Dan Allender, Healing the Wounded Heart

Healing may come through sharing in the presence of comfort and care. Kindness involves learning to trust our body and our stories in the presence of another person.

Jesus invites us to experience his presence, his comfort, his care, his healing - in the midst of the darkness, and in the places of our pain. To shepherd our hearts to bring integration and wholeheartedness, to become healed, whole, our full humanity restored!

The Deepening Journey

The Deepening Journey

The Deepening Journey was recorded at The Deepening Weekend, birthed out of friendship and conversations in which our guide team shared our own stories of knowing God, being known by Him, exploring our hearts, and friendships.

Through The Deepening Journey, you are invited to explore with us some of how we were made to live and flourish in the Kingdom of God, what comes against that intended flourishing, and the offer of healing, integration, and restoration

Throughout the six sessions of The Deepening Journey, you’ll have opportunities to explore more of your story and the incredible journey of your heart - in both time alone with God and in community with other women.