God is the master of languages and communication. In Genesis he speaks creation into existence. The apostle John writes, “In the beginning was the Word.” In the second chapter of Acts, on the day of Pentecost, God spoke through the disciples with clarity and grace in many languages, and the multinational crowd listening to those disciples understood their message.

Is it any surprise, then, that God can speak in more ways than we can imagine? An inner impression . . . the quiet flame of a sunrise . . . a dream imbued with significance . . . the wide-eyed gaze of an infant . . . a display at a museum . . . a Scripture verse that leaps into the heart . . . the kind words or wise counsel of a wife, a friend, or a stranger spoken at just the right time . . . the silvery rush of a waterfall . . . even a bumper sticker (as we shall see) . . . the ways God speaks are limitless.

So it’s important that we understand how God speaks. After all, it’s a huge part of having an intimate relationship with him. And every healing encounter with God is an intimate encounter.

King Me

King Me

Every man has a kingdom. Not every king rules well.

You can.

Like a living piece in life's checker game, you are moving across the board toward your time of greatest authority and impact. But what kind of king will you be?

Your kingdom is always being watched, and your family and core relationships look to you to come through. You have an ancient adversary who is playing for keeps. You also have a fiercely loving Advocate who desires to guide you, teach you, and entrust you with more.

In King Me, Michael Thompson guides you through the six stages of the masculine journey in order to release you forward, oriented and equipped. Continuing beyond where The Heart of a Warrior left off, Michael kindly and wisely invites you to uncover your story, see the wounds of your past, and be initiated into the glory in your heart. Through healing encounters and validating experiences with God, you can learn to wield love as your greatest Kingdom weapon and provide a kingdom where hearts are free.

You are invited to become a man after God's own heart. You are always one move away from becoming more and advancing goodness, or becoming less and compromising your kingdom.

It's your move.