So what do your kids need from you in the fight for their hearts? Above all, they need you. The real you. The authentic you.

By now you know: That all starts by getting back your own heart. As you do, you’ll become increasingly equipped to hear and validate your kids in the questions they’re asking. They’re the same ones you were asking when you were a boy:

Do you see me?
Do you love what you see?
Do you want to be with me?

Whether your son or daughter is still a child or a grown man or woman, I guarantee that, one way or another, they too are asking these core questions. Are the answers settled in your heart as yes, yes, and yes? If not, then it’s extremely likely they are not settled that way in your child’s heart either.

Becoming a beloved son as you father is the way to learn how to father beloved sons and daughters. Being loved is the way to learn how to love. Being healed is the way to learn how to partner with God for your children’s healing when you or someone else wounds them. Being fathered by God is the greatest way to learn how to father the hearts he has entrusted to you.

King Me

King Me

Every man has a kingdom. Not every king rules well.

You can.

Like a living piece in life's checker game, you are moving across the board toward your time of greatest authority and impact. But what kind of king will you be?

Your kingdom is always being watched, and your family and core relationships look to you to come through. You have an ancient adversary who is playing for keeps. You also have a fiercely loving Advocate who desires to guide you, teach you, and entrust you with more.

In King Me, Michael Thompson guides you through the six stages of the masculine journey in order to release you forward, oriented and equipped. Continuing beyond where The Heart of a Warrior left off, Michael kindly and wisely invites you to uncover your story, see the wounds of your past, and be initiated into the glory in your heart. Through healing encounters and validating experiences with God, you can learn to wield love as your greatest Kingdom weapon and provide a kingdom where hearts are free.

You are invited to become a man after God's own heart. You are always one move away from becoming more and advancing goodness, or becoming less and compromising your kingdom.

It's your move.