We were worth his dying for, and [God] is worth living for! Belovedness answers the core questions of our hearts as sons: Do you see me? Do you love what you see? Am I strong? Can I come through? To answer these questions, God must take us on a journey in which the bestowing of and the calling out of strength, courage, and love are God’s holy and divine intent. These qualities are how men bear his image, and they are what he intends to see restored in us.

It’s your heart’s experience of the Father’s love for you that will change your life, not just once but again and again, and make you dangerous to the enemy. Woe to him if you get a grip on who you really are! That’s why Satan does everything he can to keep you from trusting and enjoying the truth. Because once you do, the training has begun for a Beloved Son to become a Warrior: a man who knows how to fight with love and for love.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior Journal Workbook.