Your Love is better than life. You are the well that won’t run dry. I have tasted and I have seen, you are better than all these things.

Pat Barret, Better

When life doesn’t go my way, here are some of the things I reach for to cope and distract:

  1. Clean the garage.
  2. Spend money.
  3. Yell.
  4. Eat.
  5. Drink something.
  6. Go to work.
  7. Work out. 

Why? Because doing these things lets me feel in control, or heard, or numb, or productive, or strong. The point is, I can sometimes temporarily escape negative thoughts and feelings about my circumstances by attempting to retreat into something I falsely assume I have control over. Doing so let’s me feel, for a fleeting moment or two, good about my life and myself. It satiates temporarily a much deeper hunger. However, it’s a short-lived relief, a momentary retreat from not feeling so bad. It is not a solution; at best it’s an aspirin, but it’s not a cure.

Take your heart to Jesus. For two minutes, take a breath, quiet your heart and mind, and ask Jesus to reveal where you go for comfort and control: Jesus, where do I take my hunger that is apart from you?

Jesus, you alone satisfy. You alone fill my hunger for life. I bring my need to you again. Come, Jesus. Show me how you alone satisfy. Amen.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior Journal Workbook.