Picture a little princess. We love showing some scenes from the movie The Little Princess. Sara was a beloved daughter and there is a precious scene where her father looks in her eyes and says to her, “I know you by heart.” That is belovedness. That is how the King of heaven and earth knows you and loves you, the king who is moving mountains to get to you, to capture your heart, to woo you to himself, as he has been your whole life.

Who knew? Not me. I did not know that.

I heard a quote that undid me from the book The Sacred Romance, “We are the ones to be called

Fought Over, Captured and Rescued, Pursued. It seems remarkable, incredible, too good to be true. There really is something desirable within me, something the King of the universe has moved heaven and earth to get.” I’m precious to him. You are precious to him. I am the object of his desire and his affection, as are you.