I see so many women today in our country who are very angry. I see women who seem to have an axe to grind, who stand fiercely but are fueled by hate and resentment. I am beginning to see why.

In no way am I blaming or excusing. Instead I desire to offer a perspective of why some women’s hearts and responses and false selves are the way they are. Each one has a story. Many have stories of rejection, of abandonment, abuse. Many have not known the deep, healing Love of a Good Father. Much pain has come at the hands of men, abusing strength, abusing power, and taking advantage. Many women have been suppressed and even abused in the name of submission. Never is any of this ok. Never is this God’s heart for women or for men.

And women are not innocent. Through the wounding, vows and agreements, so many women have partnered with the enemy to create our own False Self in order to make life work. We have learned to become what the world says we should be - to be seen as worthy, validated, beautiful, desirable, enough. So often allowing immense harm to ourselves and others.

It is time to partner with our God in reclaiming the precious hearts all around us. Are you in?

An excerpt from The Deepening Weekend..