There are three questions which we have found helpful in connecting the smaller stories of our individual lives to the larger story that God is telling: who are you, where are you (what is your place in the story God is telling), and what is the good that God is up to in your life? Today, we begin to look at who you are.

You were made by Love, and for love. As the Trinity sat together before the beginning of time, their love for one another took on a procreative nature. That’s what love does. It re-creates itself in the Beloved, who then re-creates it in another, and on it goes. You are part of that great love story. There is nothing about your life that is accidental.

You may have been a surprise to your parents, but never to God. The Trinity planned for you, longed for you, made a place for you in time, and then waited with joy and anticipation for you to be revealed. That is the true Father and Mother heart of God.

You are the Beloved

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We invite you into the story God is telling - a love story, set in the midst of fierce battle. This is the story of your life and mine - the glory we are born with, the wounds our hearts experience along the way, and our restoration back into shalom and the good that God intended for us. Journey with us into the story of Belovedness.