When Eden fell, Heaven mounted a search and rescue mission. Father surprised the serpent with His announcement that One was coming, a seed of Eve, who would crush the serpent’s head and end his reign of terror (Genesis 3:15). This is the knight in shining armor, the one who rides in on a white horse to rescue His Beloved and vanquish her foe.

Dramatic? Yes!

This is a full scale adventure story, complete with a valiant and lovesick hero who will move heaven and earth to find you.

You are the Beloved

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We invite you into the story God is telling - a love story, set in the midst of fierce battle. This is the story of your life and mine - the glory we are born with, the wounds our hearts experience along the way, and our restoration back into shalom and the good that God intended for us. Journey with us into the story of Belovedness.