It's You

Son of man reach out your hand & touch my weary heart.

Son of man reach out your hand & heal my failing heart.

It's you that I need... It's you that I need.

Son of man reach out your hand & touch my weary mind.

Son of man reach out your hand & heal my tired soul.

It's you that I need... It's you that I need.

It’s You, Loud Harp

Ever have one of those songs that, after you take it in the first time, it sticks to you? There is an affect that draws you to it and it to you. That has been this song for me the past two months. I’ve listened to it most days and often with the “repeat” button activated. The first time I heard it, I found myself leaning in… anticipating the next line, then the next, and as it was washing over me, my heart was declaring it to be true. For me then and now, I needed it, I need Him.

What a gift music is. The references in the scriptures to song and singing are vast and glorious from Genesis to Revelation. The Psalms involve an extensive variety of expression from celebration and sorrow to frustration and praise. Maybe that explains why David was a man after God’s own heart; a musician, shepherd, warrior king. He was a man of expression and declaration, honest and passionate.

In all the songs that fit the category of Worship, their greatest common denominator is a dependence on God. Whether singing to Him or singing declarations of what is needed from Him… He is the center, He is the one that we need, the one I need.

Let’s pray…

Dear God, Holy Trinity, we praise your name. We thank you and declare your glory over and above all creation. You have created all things and you hold all of creation together. Thank you for creating us, for putting our story within your story. Thank you for putting music to our story and our story to music... expressions of the heart about Life, and Life with you and from you. We take our place in your great story, today—taking up whatever part and whatever role you have for us today. We declare we need you to play our part. We need your help, we need your filling, your sustaining, your presence, and your touch.

Father, thank you for sending Jesus to be our substitute and our salvation.

Jesus, thank you for coming for us, faithful and true to the Father’s will and way for our redemption and restoration.

Holy Spirit, thank you for filling us, sealing us, and guiding us into this Life with you and Life from you.

We confess and proclaim we need you.

Dear God, we pray your blessing over Zoweh and the team. Bless the mission and ministry as we move towards hearts, encouraging and loving people in your Kingdom, and helping those who have yet to know the privilege and opportunity to have you reach out and touch their weary hearts. Come Jesus, come. Heal, restore… It’s you that we need. It’s you that I need.

Amen and AMEN.