Our deep desire is to be loved unconditionally, to be seen, to be known for who we really are, to be valued, esteemed, desired, pursued, fought for, to be precious to someone, to be their beloved, the object of their affection. Our hearts are DESIGNED for this by God.
- Robin Thompson

One of the most beautiful and powerful things in the universe is a woman with a settled heart.  

Our Women's Initiatives invite a woman to step into an environment where God can meet her and bring freedom to her heart.

In a young girl’s story, whether twirling in a dress or climbing the backyard tree, the feminine heart bears the image of God in beauty, strength, mystery, and creativity. When she is older, that heart will face many challenges and encounter many battles.  

What is your story?  What are the moments that have defined who you are?  What does the world see when it experiences you?

We invite you to give your heart a rest and engage in an exploration of more.  The Deepening Weekend is designed to offer healing, training, orientation, shared experiences with other women, and intimate moments with God.

Life in the Kingdom is a good story, a hard story, and one that calls every woman to recover from the battle, find her voice, and reclaim her irreplaceable role as a daughter of Eve and Queen of the Kingdom.