Women's Initiatives

Our deep desire is to be loved unconditionally, to be seen, to be known for who we really are, to be valued, esteemed, desired, pursued, fought for, to be precious to someone, to be their beloved, the object of their affection. Our hearts are DESIGNED for this by God.

Robin Thompson

Nothing may compare to the inner beauty of a woman with a settled heart. Our Women's Initiatives, including events such as The Deepening Weekend, are designed to encourage a woman to take those courageous steps, inviting God to set her heart free. From the time of being a little girl, whether twirling with the dress or climbing the backyard tree, the feminine heart bears God's image in beauty, strength, mystery, and expression. The feminine heart reflects God through care, comfort, and compassion and is fully on display when a woman joins the great adventure fighting for the hearts around her.

What does the world experience when it experiences you? We invite you to both give your heart a good rest and engage your heart in an enchanting exploration over a weekend designed to provide intimate moments with God, shared experiences with other women, and time to dive into the ocean of your heart for what can be found and released there.

This is a good story, and one that calls to good women to take up their irreplaceable role as the daughters of Eve and the Queens of the Kingdom.

The Deepening Weekend 
Deeper Still (Dates TBD)

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