Dear one, what if you could live your life from a heart that was settled in love, convinced of its worth, and moved by purpose and true desire? What if you could live unafraid and unashamed? Confident that you belong?

Welcome to The Deepening Experience, Zoweh’s initiative for women!

The Deepening Experience was birthed out of conversations in which our guide team shared our own stories of knowing God and being known by Him. We don’t view that as something which can be contained in a single event, resource, or experience, but rather as a lifetime journey of pressing in that creates intimacy with God and community with others. As we sat with one another in those conversations, we considered the flow of that journey in our own lives - the things that have contributed to our individual stories with God and in friendship. The result was The Deepening Experience. This represents the passion of our hearts to invite you into what we are coming to know - belovedness, belonging, delight, freedom, healing, and deep heart purpose.

We want to offer to others what we are experiencing:

  • Experiencing the Presence of God in a way that brings comfort and care to your weary, longing heart, and balm for your wounds. 
  • Tasting and seeing that God is good and finding that there is nourishment for your soul.
  • Hearing the quiet voice of God whispering to your deep heart about your worth and the good plans God has in store for you. There is a seat at the family table that has your name written on it.
  • Understanding your place in the story God is writing and in the Kingdom so that you begin to believe that your presence matters and that your voice, strength and beauty are needed. 

It is our hope that you will accept our invitation to journey with us. And that as you encounter the things you’ll see below, your hearts will be settled in love - rooted and grounded there. We believe that will produce life in you, and also life that flows from you for the good of those around you.

With hope and affection, Robin, Sherry, Dana & Maggie

Zoweh is a nonprofit partner supported ministry.

We are with you and for YOU in your journey. Would you consider financially partnering with us as we come alongside women on their journey of healing and wholeheartedness?

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