Zoweh’s generous financial partners are helping to end isolation and create redemptive communities everywhere!  

During November of December of 2022, our End Isolation fundraising campaign resonated with the hearts of so many. As we talked with hundreds of you, we heard story after story of how the enemy has worked to keep people in isolation. We also heard many encouraging stories of how redemptive friendships have changed your lives. Some of those stories are captured in the videos below:

How can I help?

Nothing allows us to feel more connected to others than when we feel loved, seen, and known. C.S. Lewis once said, "Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’” We all want more of those “You too?!” moments, and you can help! Your generosity has been a tremendous help so far, but there is still more to go. Many of you have asked how you can continue helping. Below are a few easy ways.

Give to the mission of Zoweh and help us End Isolation for men, women and marriages.
Invite your friends to an event to go deeper with God and others.
Join or start a men’s group with Zoweh Allies and the Frontlines Network.
Join or start a women’s group with The Deepening Community.
Stay connected through the I-Team and The Daily Orientation.
Share the journey with your friends with these free resources.
Subscribe to The Exploring More video podcast on YouTube.
Review a Zoweh resource on Amazon.

The hearts of many have been affected by your generosity! Thank you!