Zoweh is on a mission to end isolation ...

Have you ever felt alone, lonely, or isolated? Nothing makes us feel more isolated from others than when we feel unloved and disconnected, and the wounds of life seem to say, “You are alone.” At Zoweh, we believe one of the greatest challenges set against men, women, and marriages is isolation. Our mission is to create environments where people can experience intimacy, oneness, and connectedness with God and each other. Our hope is to end isolation.

Nothing allows us to feel more connected to others than when we feel loved, seen, and known. C.S. Lewis once said, "Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’” We all want more of those “You too?!” moments, and you can help!

Your generosity will help us finish 2022 strong and launch us into 2023 on a firm financial foundation to fund our mission to End Isolation.

If the timing is right, would you help us? Your financial investment directly touches thousands of lives and environments in churches, businesses, organizations, homes and multiples Zoweh’s Kingdom impact around the world.

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Marriages are strained when one (or both) spouses struggle under the weight of isolation. The full and abundant life they are hopeful for in their marriage suffers and often gives way to doubt and division. When we bear the weight of the world, we need a witness to our life. To feel connected in marriage should mean that we face the world less alone, yet for some, marriage is a very lonely place. Nonetheless, God is inviting marriages to flourish on a journey with him.


When do men feel isolated? When they’re overwhelmed and the busyness of life robs them of the ability to connect. They hear “work harder and maybe you will win their admiration and acceptance.” However, God is meeting men in the place of isolation and inviting them away from the whispers of the enemy and into full and abundant life.


Women experience isolation when they feel disconnected from meaningful relationships, by way of comparison, shame, or fear of rejection. The full and abundant life is hard to believe or live in when faced with a myriad of responsibilities and not enough hours in the day, a challenging season of motherhood, a chronic illness, or untended trauma, women often feel unseen, unsupported, and alone. Yet God is meeting women wherever they are in their story and inviting them away from isolation.

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