Creative Ways to Give

Stock & Mutual Fund Giving

If you currently partner with Zoweh financially and have appreciated stocks or mutual funds in a taxable investment portfolio, you may have a significant opportunity to simplify your giving, improve your personal cash flow, give more to advancing the Kingdom, and experience more tax benefits.

Matching Gift Campaign

Donors love to give when there is a “match” in play.  Over the years, generous donors like you have offered to give a match of $50K or even $100K for a period of time - like end of you giving.  Would you like to give seed money toward a match?  Maybe $50K or $100K? We will then challenge partners and potential partners with your match and maybe double the gift.  For more on that, contact us at:

Legacy Giving

Under current tax laws, unnecessary estate taxes are often paid by the estates of those who have died. By leaving a portion of your assets to Zoweh in your will, you not only avoid losing a large part of your estate to death taxes, but you continue making a difference in the lives of people long after you have departed.  To give this way, connect with us at:

National Christian Foundation

Zoweh is also a member of the National Christian Foundation. This relationship allows Zoweh’s Friends and Allies the opportunity to give to Zoweh through Non-Cash gifts such Capital Gains gifts, donations through Charitable Trusts, Real-Estate gifts, Charitable Estate gifts and more. To learn more connect with us at:

IRA Charitable Distribution

A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is the most tax-efficient gift you can make. Donating from your IRA or another type of retirement asset to a charity can be an extremely smart tax saving plan. Funds in an IRA have never been taxed, and when you donate an asset to a qualified charity like Zoweh, no taxes are taken out on the back end either. This means more savings for you and allowing you to make a larger gift! Additionally, a QCD can help you avoid an increase in taxation by removing income that would otherwise hit your gross annual gross income (AGI). If you are 70½ or older an IRA charitable distribution is an excellent way to partner with Zoweh!

There are many ways to support the mission and vision of Zoweh. For questions regarding any of these creative ways to give, please contact our Accountant, Dana Andrechyn at: