Who knew a swab could go that far?

For those of you who have been tested for COVID, you know the mixed feeling of concern and hope, the reasons you would subject yourself to such a test. You feel the need to be responsible - and to not be responsible for the spread of the virus. And, whether with symptoms or without, you want to know what might lie in store for you in the days to come.

The week of September 18, COVID came calling on Zoweh. Eleven of us tested positive. Four weeks later, we have all suffered to varying degrees and endured symptoms from fever, chills and aches, to rib bruising coughs. A few of us have been more fortunate to see only the mildest of symptoms, while most hard pressed during their days of quarantine. The symptoms that are seldom talked about are the dreariness and discouragement. It's understandable - after a few days, a fog rolls in so that days 10, 11, and 12 feel like Groundhog Day. You wonder if and when the wind will blow again.

We are seeing our first days of “better." Like a storm that blows in and rearranges a few things, the virus has knocked our team around, and with God’s help, we are picking up ourselves, gathering up our strength and preparing to re-enter the fight. Jesus has been so kind with our team's concerns for one another. It feels like we are starting to step into “after” and can be hopeful again.

I ask you to continue to pray for us. This is a tricky virus, and according the numbers and information being given to us by medical professionals, we are all past the point of being contagious ... and yet, we're in no hurry to re-engage with the world. We are slowly picking up our chores - re-engaging in the War Chest plan, The Rendezvous Project and King Me. Thank you deeply for your prayers on our behalf. It feels very humbling to receive such mercy from God while there are some in the world for whom the sickness went far worse. We are reminded that life is fragile and the victory belongs to our Savior and King. We are His and He is ours, no matter what kind of days we find ourselves in.