It feels like a Sunrise on a Battle Field...
the day after it’s won.

A Heart of a Warrior Weekend Attendee

Dear BraveHearts,

What an incredible act of God we witnessed this past weekend. 300 men getting away with God for 300 different reasons and, yet, for 1 reason… to connect with Him. It was hard fought on so many fronts and glorious at the same time. That is how Spiritual Battles go.

Thank you for your prayers over and for these men and our team. I couldn’t be more proud of all who attended and all who guided and helped men to Jesus. There were so many beautiful take aways. Here are a few statements and phrases that were shared with the men that will echo in my heart for weeks…

This is a safe place.

You matter… you matter to God and you matter to our enemy.

Wounded hearts wound hearts.

If we have Jesus wrong… how can we get right.

We get to play a part in the Larger Story, Loving people back to Life.

You can be right or you can be loving.

Myself, Robin, and our team are wonderfully exhausted and yet, the "next things” come rolling in. Many of our next things involve post weekend help, follow up for those hearts that were liberated… doing what we can to help men stay connected to God and each other. Not to mention stepping into the regular day-to-day Zoweh initiatives; communications, development, next conferences, new team members arriving, and more. We invite you to pray over and for our team and all the men who are carrying home what God gave them at The Heart of a Warrior Weekend.

Let’s Pray…

Dear God, Holy Trinity; Father, Son, and Spirit; Thank you for who you are and what you did this past weekend. Thank you for Loving men back to Life. Thank you for Awakening Hearts and revealing the Larger Story to men and for inviting them to play their significant parts well.

Father, we praise you and worship you for you are Good! You Fathered so many men this past weekend… from some catching their first fish or shooting their first shotgun to the most wonderful moments of many hearing your voice for the first time! We pray your protection and provision over each man and the Zoweh Conference Team. Father, give time for all the Kingdom seeds to fall on good soil in the good hearts of your Beloved Sons. We pray for deep roots and irreversible change in men's lives.

Jesus, thank you for all the riches of your blessings for a way of Life you modeled and are offering. We pray the Kingdom Life will be embraced and lived out by these men… that they would learn from you your yoke is easy and your burden light and that you desire to walk with them in Truth and Light. Shine on these Kingdom seeds of truth, and transform hearts. Bless these Beloved Sons, and settle their hearts with your Love.

Holy Spirit, come and train up your Warrior men. Guide and counsel them as apprentices of the Kingdom. Thank you for raining down your presence on the men and for brining the beauty of the Trinity and putting it on display this weekend. We pray for echoes of your love and grace… woo men to more time away with you on their home fronts. Holy Spirit, we pray you would help each man translate all they heard and saw and experienced to their families, marriages, and friendships.

Jesus, we declare that greater are you in us than he that is in the world. We also declare you are victorious over sin and death and have brought freedom where there was bondage, happiness where there was shame. We bring the fullness of your presence and your work over each man, claiming for him victory and settledness that can only come from you. Continue, Jesus we pray, to take everything out of the way that might be in the way of intimacy and connectedness with you. Continue to shine on any wounding way, a man’s false-self and anything the enemy has on a man… bring it into the light Jesus, put it on display, and hold your Healing arms of grace and forgiveness out to each man that they may enjoy and even take advantage of your Kingdom offers. We pray all of this in your matchless and glorious name, in the name of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ. Amen and AMEN.