One of the great ancient battlegrounds is the land of marriage. It is a field that has long been occupied by enemy forces. The casualties are great, some estimate that 50% fail to survive. Estimates on the happiness of those that do, well it’s hard to say how many are enjoying marriage. Because one false self calls to another false self … and when two false selves are facing one another, everyone gets hurt. It is impossible for a man to love a woman without renovation, restoration, and partnership with God to truly learn how to offer rather than demand, love rather than judge, and protect rather than consume.

If we are going to win the battle for her heart, we men must get our own hearts back. Partnering with God to do that while married (or in any relationship) is a tricky business. Because the enemy has used us against one another; man versus woman. The greatest thing you can do for you wife is walk with God and get your heart back. This alone is the strategy to win her to trust and repair a broken marriage. You may be the one making strides toward your true self or she may be way ahead of you on the restoration journey and waiting for you to join her. Either way, just like the enemy wants two for one, so does God. Marriage is like two people bound together in a three-legged race, running out to war with our legs tied together. Our enemy only has to knock one down to get the other to tumble as well. If we don’t know how to pick one another up, stand back-to-back, and turn our swords out to defend one another, then it is only a matter of time till we have our last tumble and the enemy gives us a knife to cut the marriage ropes and we go separate ways, taking the pain, heartache, and rejection to our next relationships, not to mention the children we may have had together.

Two people walking with God together: a masculine image bearer, feminine image bearer, and the one whose image they bear … there may not be anything more powerful on this earth. From the beginning, the offer was a man and a woman created in God’s image to share in the Life of God together, forever. She has a story too … she lives in the same Larger Story you do, and was created for intimacy just like you. Just like you, her kingdom life and glory are opposed and you can partner with God to see her restored and free or be used to keep her wounded and captive. So, what will it be?