Dearest BraveHearts,

When I look at those who have shaped my faith… the faculty members of my heart, C.S. Lewis is right there at the top, ok, maybe he is one of the Deans.  I find that very few have a faith that are as humble AND profound as Lewis’.  As we pray for and over Zoweh and against the kingdom of darkness I hope you are encouraged to join us, to stay the course, trusting that how and what we pray are having an affect on what unfolds in us, as well as around us.   Robin, myself and our team are praying for you, our Allies.  We are honored by your prayers and consider you both vital to the mission and your prayers are critical to the advancing of the Kingdom.

We are stepping into a significant time of fund raising, planning, organizing and preparation for the fall.  We go pretty hard fall through spring with small groups, sharing opportunities with The Heart of a Warrior, and weekend conference/retreats.  Summer is our time to refuel, regroup and retool much of the ministry.  Zoweh has been granted a significant Matching Funds Grant and we invite you to pray for our search and invitation for those that will join the team and see their contributions matched.  Also, we are growing!  Zoweh has 3 new staff team couples in the processing of joining us full-time.  Therefore, another important reason we get the ministry tuned up administratively so as to make room for these tremendous hearts that will join us day to day.   Lastly, you know, there is so much hate and so much pain going on in the world.  The kingdom of darkness is utilizing all it can to steal, kill and destroy Life.  We are in a battle and what plays out in the spiritual realm affects the physical realm and visa versa.  Paul called believers to be aware to spiritual forces (Eph. 6:12).

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.

Colossians 2:8

Let’s pray…

Dear God, Blessed and Holy Trinity… we bow our hearts in praise and adoration. You alone are worthy of our praise and it is for you alone that our hearts were made. We declare our need for you and proclaim our dependence on your presence and work in our lives. Thank you for rescuing us, redeeming us and now, restoring us to the Life you have made, intended for us. You alone are Life and you are our Life. Thank you for Loving us.. it is in your Love we have Life, breath and our being. We take our place today in your Life and Love. We declare our hearts rest and our life’s mission is in you. Wash us again from every sin, reveal to us anything not good at work in us or coming at us. We pray for eyes to see and ears to hear your Love and an attentiveness to all the false claims being made by spiritual forces that oppose our Life in you.

Father, we pray your provision and protection over all the Zoweh Allies, the team, the mission, the ministry and all the work taking place within this initiative. We pray for the financial partners, the financial resources and the opportunities to use Kingdom resources to see your children (men and women) set free. Thank you Father for Freedom and for sending your only son to see us set free. Thank you Father for reconciling the whole earth, all of history and all of eternity to yourself through Christ, your beloved son, our King. 

Jesus, thank you for coming for us, for dyeing for us and for taking all sin to the cross that we might live Free. You are glorious Jesus. You are strong, courageous, kind and true. You are all we long to be and you have show us the way. You have given us a path to overcoming and we thank you for the chance to enter into the battle and pull away from the spiritual forces that have for far to long lured us away and that are still at work distracting, entrapping and ensnaring your beloved sons and daughters. Those who have yet to know you and those who are your family and yet still not immune from attack. Jesus, protect us and we claim the truth that you won’t let anything come at us that we don’t have the power to overcome!

Holy Spirit, teach us how to fight, how to guard our hearts and how to win back ground lost, how to claim with the authority of Christ and enforce the Kingdom of Christ here and now against all forms of hatred, death, diminishment, shame and fear. Holy Spirit, reveal to us who we are and all the riches of heaven that are ours here, now and forever. We claim the Love of the Trinity over our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

Dear God, we pray your blessings over the Zoweh team, its mission, ministry, all the resources and all the Allies for the advancing of your Kingdom here and now. We ask you to release your provisions and release your grace for all the fall missions and initiatives for conference weekends and for The Heart of a Warrior book, journal workbook and EXPEDITION small groups. Come Jesus, come!!! Bring healing and restoration to men’s hearts, women, marriages and families. All this we pray in the name of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ in who all things were created, all things are held together and ALL THINGS will be restored. Amen and AMEN.