There was a moment in the old westerns, a pivotal time in those stories, when the bad guys have crossed the line and the good guys have had enough. It is in those moments you heard the line, “Mount Up!” That is all that was said, and you knew as men got ready to ride it meant so much more. Watching this moment unfold, I would shift in my seat and get ready, time for a reckoning... the showdown was coming. And so it always is with good vs. evil. Our hearts know this. We believe... No, we count on the bad guys getting it in the end.

This is our story. Evil for far too long has had the upper hand. That is why Christ deputizes those who want to sign on. He gives us position and authority. We ride with the King, going after the oppressed, the captive, and those being held for ransom (Matthew 28:19-22). We have his authority and are allowed… even invited to wield it for good. We get to play a part in the great rescue of hearts and the defeat of evil. We have the honor of interceding and bringing another day of reckoning against the forces that oppose Life, Love, and Freedom.

Let’s mount up…

Dear God, Holy Trinity, we align our hearts with yours today. We awaken again today to the true reality of this fallen and oppressed world. We acknowledge that we live in the greatest love story set in the midst of the fiercest battle. We proclaim you are righteous, holy, and good; and you alone reign over all creation with all authority and grace. Good has and will triumph over evil, and we entrust our hearts and lives to you again this day. We sign up and sign on for Life and Love.

Father, thank you for rescuing us. Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to ransom and redeem us, delivering us from the evil domain of the kingdom of darkness. Thank you, Father, for setting us on a solid ground with yourself, bringing us to a place where we are made alive through Christ and are being raised up, grown up into how we each, uniquely bear your image.

Jesus, thank you for showing us what a true Beloved Son looks like, for revealing to us what a true relationship with the Father looks like, and for modeling what a true hero truly is! You are The Savior, Shepherd, and King. We honor you with our praise and thanks. We honor you with our lives. You alone are worthy, and you alone are Life. Thank you for dying that we might live. Thank you for securing our victory over death. We pray for strength, courage, and love to step into our roles as your Allies in this great mission of Restoration, Freedom, and Life. We proclaim and declare the Life of the Lord Jesus Christ over our marriages, families, missions, and ministries. We mount up with you in the great Restoration of all things.

Holy Spirit, we celebrate you today. We honor you and praise you as our counselor, teacher, guide, and comfort. We pray for the training up you are doing in our lives. Grow our eyes to see and ears to hear the rhythms of Grace in the Kingdom of Christ.

Holy Spirit, we pray you would take and deliver the invitations to the Heart of a Warrior Weekend to men through emails, websites, announcements, fliers, bulletins, and over handshakes… man-to-man invitations. We come against all foul spirits that would block these invitations. We pray the HW book and small groups would be a free space for you to work and to guide. We pray the angels of the Kingdom of Christ to war over these environments keeping the spiritual climate right and good for men to discover the truth and for the TRUTH to set them free.

Thank you Father, Son, and Spirit for the glorious privilege it is to partner with you in your Kingdom. To be invited up and into more, to have a role and assignment in your Kingdom for the advancing of Grace and Love in the hearts of men and women. We join the shouts of heaven and proclaim glory, glory glory… all glory and honor to the Lamb, to the King, to the Lion of Judah, the Prince of Peace. It is in the matchless name of Jesus Christ that we pray. Amen and AMEN!