When He had gone indoors, His disciples began asking Him privately, “Why were we unable to drive it out?”

He replied to them, “This kind [of unclean spirit] cannot come out by anything but prayer [to the Father].”

Mark 9:28-29 (AMP)

Over the past several years, I have discovered that what I thought was going on, wasn’t. I have also found it in other people's lives. What are the odds we are interpreting our lives accurately? My answer, slim. The greatest challenges to identifying what is really going on at any given moment are (a) understanding all the variables around a moment, and (b) seeing accurately someone's motives. No wonder most live in a constant state of confusion and, yet, pretend otherwise.

There is a way things work and a deep way it is. God designed the Kingdom and us, all of His creation, with resounding complexity. So much so that He invites us to turn to Him, and only Him, to guide us through. Proverbs 3:5 (AMP) says,

Trust in and rely confidently on the Lord with all your heart And do not rely on your own insight or understanding.

The one element I see most misunderstood, or worse, not taken into account at all, is the kingdom of darkness. I read an article a few days ago on the fall of pastors, and in the three pages, not once did it mentioned the enemy/adversary of our Life with God. And this was written by a pastor. It may be as gross an oversight as not linking lung cancer to smoking. What are we thinking? What are we BELIEVING?

I am far from proposing "the devil made us do it", but as followers of Christ we are far from hiding behind that line. As a matter of fact, I believe we are so far behind enemy lines, we are in grave danger of calling this enemy occupied territory home. Jesus called Satan "the Father of Lies"… not a title of honor by any stretch. So what is he up to? We know he is still in the midst of the story and has a role to play because there has to be a second coming to take him out. So I ask again, what are he and his fallen ranks up to? Do you know? Do you know how to treat them? Can you wield the authority given to you in Christ to see them overcome? Where do you think fear, guilt, and shame come from? You? That would be a deep and costly misdiagnosis and painful misunderstanding. The Kingdom works on authority… what you believe has authority in your life. If you believe a lie, it has authority in (it runs) your life.

Believers for some reason, today, do not have the upper hand. Well, actually we do. We just don’t know how to wield it in our own lives, much less for the hearts of others. It is impossible to walk in victory when one is still a POW, saved but under the power and authority of a few good lies. Oh yes, a believer can be under the influence of the enemy. Look at priests and pastors, our highest ranking officials in the church—there is more going on when they go down in flames than the pressures of their jobs or the demands of ministry. Far too seldom are they, or any believer, diagnosed accurately by taking all variables into consideration. Where there is sin the enemy is, or has been, present. Attention given to what the enemy has on us or has at work in us would be good places to start treatment. Freedom is at stake; freedom is on the other side of battle.

I do know this… Jesus encountered demonic presence in his life and ministry. He trained up friends to handle this aspect of fallen life, as well (book of Acts) and He has given us authority, His authority (Matthew 28:18-20)… we must gonna need it. It is time for the sons and daughters of God to bring the Kingdom of God in the Authority of God against foul spirits, dark forces, and the lies of the enemy in our own lives first so we can be of some help in the lives of others in this spiritual battle within which we find ourselves equipped but, far to often, untrained. I highly recommend The Daily Prayer1 and invite you to pray with us a portion this morning for and over Zoweh, our team, our mission, and all our hearts. Let’s pray…

Jesus, I also sincerely embrace you as my authority and rule, my everlasting victory over Satan and his kingdom, and I receive all the work and triumph of your Ascension, whereby Satan has been judged and cast down,[33] his rulers and authorities disarmed,[34] all authority in heaven and on earth given to you, Jesus, [35] and I have been given fullness in you, the head over all. [36] I take my place in your Ascension, whereby I have been raised with you to the right hand of the Father and established with you in all authority.[37] I bring your authority and your kingdom rule over my life, my family, my household, and my domain.

And now I bring the fullness of your work—your Cross, Resurrection, and Ascension—against Satan, against his kingdom, and against all his emissaries and all their work warring against me and my domain. Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world.[38] Christ has given me authority to overcome all the power of the evil one and I claim that authority now over and against every enemy, and I banish them in the Name of Jesus Christ.[39] Holy Spirit, apply to me the fullness of the work of the Ascension of Jesus Christ for me. I receive it with thanks and give it total claim to my life.

Heavenly Father, thank you for granting to me every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus.[45] I receive those blessings into my life today and I ask the Holy Spirit to bring all those blessings into my life this day. Thank you for the blood of Jesus. Wash me once more with his blood from every sin and stain and evil device. I put on your armor – the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the readiness of the Gospel of peace, the helmet of salvation. I take up the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, and I wield these weapons against the evil one in the power of God. I choose to pray at all times in the Spirit, to be strong in you, Lord, and in your might.[46]

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1The Daily Prayer originated with John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart