COVID-19, March, April, May … it is amazing what has transpired these past months. What you and I and the world have endured. The losses of life are so many. And for some, the grieving is just beginning -- if we even let ourselves grieve. Loss comes in all shapes and sizes. On the May 14 Thursday Night Gathering, we were joined by our friend Mark Philbrick, who is a grief expert. If you weren't able to join, you may want to give it a look and listen here.

Our team has endured these COVID-19 days, and has been able to work from home. We are continuing to ask God for discernment regarding all our conferences scheduled for this fall. The first one (The Heart of a Warrior Encounter Heartland) is scheduled for late August.

With Memorial Day behind us, our team is focusing intently on Father's Day. Actually, for the past several weeks we have been working with some new allies and friends in the Christian media marketing lanes. I'm thrilled to say we are now poised to be in front of 30 million hearts around the world with The Heart of a Warrior as the premier book for dads this Father’s Day. These 30 million "impressions” over the next few weeks are just that - impressions. They are ads that people will potentially see while they browse and do their thing online. The forecast and prayer is to sell 30,000 books for Father’s Day, and so to begin the relationship with men we have seen become so powerful for Kingdom transformation.

I invite you to join us today in prayer over and for this incredible initiative. Will you stand with us in inviting God’s favor and blessing on all the plans and strategies we have walked in with Him so far? Against any warfare that would prevent a man or woman seeing the ads and being led by the Spirit to click and explore more? We are praying for nothing less than the restoration of fatherhood, and feel strongly this is a window of time when the focus of our country turns to men, dads, and their role in our lives and the Kingdom. Let’s pray …

Dear God, Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit, we praise your name, worship your presence and celebrate your Life and Love today. We take our place as your allies, your children, your chosen and your beloved. We are honored and grateful for the position you have given us in your Kingdom, the power and authority in which you share with us inviting us to declare, “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Father, we celebrate you and the love in which you surround us. We ask that you grant your favor to the Father’s Day initiative and bring thousands of men into the Beloved Son identity and relationship for which you made them. Holy Spirit, we pray for nudges and prompting, glancing and attention to the ads the we have partnered with allies to create. We pray a journey of discovery would begin as Father’s Day gifts are purchased and find their way to the hands and hearts of men - fathers from their 20’s to 70’s!

Jesus, thank you for rescuing us and redeeming us through your sacrifice, to bring us to the Father and for showing us who and what the Father is like. Father, thank you for sending your Son to show us and tell us what kind of relationship we can have with you. We receive your Fathering and enter in as sons and daughters of a good, good Father. We pray your blessing over our families and friends, our allies and all those we are fighting for, the men and women to whom you have and are connecting Zoweh.

We pray against the kingdom of darkness and all its work set against our mission and vision - our walking with you and fighting along side you, Jesus. Empower us with your power and authority, Jesus, to declare victory, tear down walls, cast out what is foul and evil and bring freedom. We pray over and for the books being written (King Me for men and More for women) and the video series for marriages (The Rendezvous Project) and all the resources (weapons) being developed by the Zoweh Team. Bless these creative processes, Lord, and bring them to your beloved.

All this we pray in the matchless and invincible name of our Lord Jesus Christ to whom all glory, honor and praise is due.

Amen and AMEN.

Thank you, friends. Your swords and shields are so welcomed and appreciated. Blessings and courage as you step into the foray and make your presence known in the spiritual realm by declaring what is good and true and pronouncing the advance of the Kingdom of God in this generation. We are truly grateful to be your allies.