We are stepping into another strategic week at Zoweh. Our team is now stepping into The Heart of a Warrior Encounter Weekend (March 22-25). The battle before the battle is always the days of inviting and recruiting. There is amazing hope displayed from so many who invite friends or family members, and we can support through prayers for readiness, favor, and courageous next steps.

There is a great sense of anticipation from our team as registrations come in, several a day. We know that each of them have crossed a line and their story is amazing how God brought them to such a place.

We’re also praying for several Fall 2018 events: the locations and timing for The Rendezvous Weekend, The Women’s Deepening Weekend, and The Heart of a Warrior Advance for Men. So many important and good ingredients.

We also continue to hear Grand stories of how God came for feminine hearts at Deeper Still, our women's advance weekend. It is always an honor and privilege to be a part of hearts healing and freedom. Holy to watch and glorious to be a part. Thank you for praying over and for these precious women. Please pray the protection of the Kingdom of Christ over these women and all that was delivered and entrusted to them that last weekend bears wonderful fruit in their lives.

Let's Pray...

Dear God, Holy Trinity; Father, Son and Spirit... we thank you for Life and we praise you for your Love. Thank you for wanting us, inviting us into your heart, your family, you Kingdom. We praise your name above all names, you have made us for yourself and we are at home when we are in you, with you and receiving the Life and Love you constantly arrange for our lives.

We pray today for upcoming Heart of a Warrior Encounter weekend. We pray for all the invites and encouraging going out and going on right now; emails forwarding, announcements in church bulletins, invitations and challenges from men across tables and across stages... dear God we pray for favor, open doors, open hearts, and courage for men to take a step toward you in getting away. Fill each of these invitations with a wooing to your heart, to time away with you, for a rest and restoration that will transform.

We pray against all the work of the kingdom of darkness opposing this season of gathering your men. We bring the cross, resurrection and ascension over every announcement and email, invite and offer and we pray for a holy ache that would compel men through the enemies work in their lives and the first breakthrough would be accomplished, the one in which a man registers. We pray for all the men who find the event without an announcement. How each year you bring men who find the weekend because they read the book, or saw something on the internet... we love these stories of men who found the weekend and you brought it to them unaccompanied. Your ways are amazing and we look forward to hearing the stories of these next several weeks; how you brought your men away to meet and listen and be loved.

Holy Spirit, we pray for a transformation in the landscape of Christian Masculinity. We pray you would move powerfully in redeeming men and restoring us into who we truly are and partner with this conference to see men moved, transformed, restored into the glorious image we bear- to be more and more like Jesus, our King.

Father, bless the conference team as they prepare, bless the guide team as they pull together their notes, bless the Zoweh team and the volunteers... bless all who are working to see this weekend an environment of your Love and Grace. We pray all this in the name and power and authority of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ, to whom is all glory, praise, honor and power...

Amen and AMEN!