Honor is the reward of virtue. - Cicero

And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. - Ephesians 2:6

Have you ever had someone famous sit down next to you? 

Have you ever had tickets in the cheap seats and someone blessed your socks off with a big upgrade?

That is what God did.

The King of kings sets us right next to himself, and upgrades our seats from the general admission to the best seats in the house.

Do you feel the privilege?  Do you feel the honor?

I remember the Thanksgiving that I was moved up from the Kids' Table.  I grew up with a big extended family. Both my parents had three siblings, so cousins were plentiful, and that meant a couple of kids' tables during the holidays when we were all together.  I was the oldest grandson on both sides.  I was 14, and an extra place setting was made at the Grown-Ups' Table just for me.  Honestly, at first, I wasn’t sure if I was in trouble or not.  As my nerves calmed, it was clear: they wanted me.  I was even part of the conversation. Uncles and aunts asked me questions across the table; I even used my napkin and was extra careful cutting my food into a little smaller bites.  Being at the BIG table changes your status. But also, it changes the way you act. 

What if we received the status, power and authority, and the position as friends of God, the sons and daughters He is healing and training to join Him in the Kingdom Life?  That is a much different proposition to me than just trying not to sin.  I belong.  Really? ... Well, OK then, lets do this thing!

We all have certain privileges and responsibilities, even if they are just a few.  We protect them, and in doing so, more often than not, those privileges and responsibilities grow.  If you give your heart and hands to working hard, faithful with a little, the King says you will be given more.   It's not an achievement program, it is a love program.  He never gives more than we can handle, and, contrary to popular opinion, Jesus is much more interested in calling us up than calling us out.

What are you doing with your status in the Kingdom?  Sharing it with others, inviting them up and in?  Enjoying who you are in the story and learning more and more about who you are, who the King is, and the Good he is up to in and through your Life?

Take your place!  Take your place and enjoy the conversation with the one who has invited you to sit right next to him.