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Each of us finds ourselves trying to cover so many bases. Work demands, family demands, something is broken and needs to be fixed. There is the list of projects that needs to be done and it seems like everybody wants more of you than there is to go around. You really mean to pursue a relationship with God; you have this nagging feeling in your soul that something huge is missing. But how in the world can you do one more thing? The rat race reduces us to ordinary. How can I become a man of God? Where can I find the time?

The Waterboyz for Jesus have made a discovery! If you can give us 7 minutes a day, 1 hour a week, and 2 hours a month, we can help you experience transformation that will change everything. You will become a better husband, a better father, a more productive worker, and most importantly… a difference maker in the Kingdom. The truth of each of our stories is that we always find the time to do what we really want to do, don’t we? If you are serious about giving God a chance to change your life – give us four weeks – give it a try – what have you got to lose?

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