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ValorMen is an organization built to equip young men for life.

To help them become the divine leaders they are in Christ.

Henry David Thoreau said: “the masses of men live lives of silent desperation.” It is our mission to turn these lives of desperation into the lives of impact, success, fulfillment, and adventure men deserve.

We have a focus on personal refinement and help men "awakening the hero within." We do this through a program called the Alignment Blueprint, which helps men dial in their purpose, values, gifts, boundaries, communication, and leadership. Most importantly, our coaching is centered around identity. Helping men see that they not only have the blood of champions in their veins, but the very blood of the creator of life flowing through their veins.

"The heroes men look up to are versions of the hero within themselves. This hero, this divine leader, lives within every man, and is waiting to be awakened. We don't develop. We decondition from what we are not. We bring to light who we really are with shameless authenticity, knowing that being who we really are is the greatest gift we can give to the world." - Tristan Stahl

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