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The New Frontier

Through the vehicles of nature, solitude, and discipleship, The New Frontier seeks to connect the hearts of men to their heavenly Dad. We believe generational change is catalyzed by instilling authentic manhood through deep relationship with our Creator. TNF offers men three distinct experiences. The Heroic Journey of Sonship and Manhood is our most prominent, where we take fathers and sons (13+) through the adventures of Identity and Code over a year. The HJOSM capstone is a trip to Montana. Father and Son Advanced (17+ & not married) is our second multi-month experience, where we go through the adventures of Identity and Mission. The capstone of the advanced is a week in Montana forging knives with Forged and Fire Champions Billy and Jojo Salyers. Our final multi-month experience is the Mighty Men Adventure. We begin with a trip to Montana, where we disciple through biblical identity and start to reflect on our stories. All Montana adventures feature wilderness activities like white water rafting, horseback riding, hiking, and calibration (activities are subject to change based on discretion and weather conditions). At our core, we believe that the more we live as sons of God, the more we become real men. Everything flows from that identity. We’d love to have you journey with us!

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Chris Hartenstein