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A page for men who love God, love nature, and are looking for a place where the two meet. Look, I know that it is common to have the church you and the you that also sees God in the great outdoors. You would love to find a place where you can let down your hair, share some stories, and let God be part of the conversation. No churchy stuff. No addiction agenda. No feel good drum beating get in touch with your feelings stuff. And certainly no denominational agenda. Just guys being guys talking around a fire pit about who we are on the river or in the mountains and who we are in God. Simple as that. Not gonna be everyone's cup of tea, but if you are interested, there is room for you by the fire pit. If you know someone who would possibly get something out of this, please share it with them. Thanks

35.9580694, -83.779399

6438 Norwood Drive
Knoxville, TN, 37914

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Marc Payne