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Zoweh Allies Rescuing Hearts Advancing the Kingdom

Far beyond a group to gather for sin-management or plain accountability, but more so - a brotherhood dedicated to a lifelong friendship, continually engaged in training to know God’s heart toward us as beloved sons and to understand we “live in a love story, set in a great and terrible war” (John Eldredge). To live in a manner in which we understand that God constantly and passionately seeks to be infiltrated deep into our hearts, but simultaneously we are violently opposed by Satan our enemy. So, we in The Arena do our best to walk side-by-side, not in front or behind, and to encourage each other to live-out the responsibilities entrusted to us.

Our main interest points are knowing God personally and intimately; understanding His purpose to restore our hearts; and the reality of life in the midst of spiritual warfare.

The Arena consists of ten (10) men and meet in various homes in the Sanford NC area.

It is our hope to guide each other to being who we are meant to be with a focus to awaken our hearts and lives, and developing to be oriented men by leveraging God’s Word (Holy Bible); our friendship; ministries and resources that align with Jesus’ mission to heal the broken-hearted (Hebrew: leb shabar) and setting the captives free (Is. 61:1/Lk 4:18); and have it be on the forefront of our minds that we live in a world in which “the enemy comes only, and never ceases, - to steal, kill, and destroy, but know Jesus thrives to give us life - abundantly!” (Jn 10:10). 

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108 Foothill Ct.
Sanford, NC, 27330

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Conrad Bush