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423 Communities

423 Communities are men, women, and young people recovering from the impact of bad sexual choices. We are radically committed to helping others overcome sex addiction and to stopping the spread of pornography in our families, churches, and cities around the world. We partner with local churches to provide meeting spaces for our groups. We do have a select few groups that meet online. Each group meets on a weekly basis. We currently have 33 men's groups in Oregon, Washington, Iowa, Idaho, Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The groups range from 8-12 people, so we roughly have over 400 men in our groups currently. All of our leaders are volunteers. They are required to complete a leadership application and background check before becoming a leader. We also have monthly leadership meetings/trainings.

423 Communities is not about stopping your bad sexual behavior. It is about discovering the reasons for your bad sexual behavior. Our mission is to shine the gospel of sexual sobriety in every dark corner of the globe. Our strategy is to provide safe, gender-specific groups in local churches where men, women, and young people can honestly embark on the journey of self-discovery, and find healing from the destructive grip of pornography in a safe, shame-free, and supportive environment.

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April Gaddis