The Frontlines is the place for you to find others with whom God is partnering, where they are in this battle, and the good that God is up to in their lives and friendships. List what you’re doing in the Kingdom, create an entry, add your logo - know and be known -  and discover new allies for the battle.

To start the process of becoming a Zoweh Ally, please fill out the form below and the Zoweh Allies team will respond to your request as soon as possible! If you have any questions, please send an email to

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An Individual Ally is a follower of Jesus who aligns themselves with Zoweh's mission and vision and partners with God in cultivating redemptive community and leading others into greater freedom in Christ. An individual can be a small group leader; professional counselor; mentor; coach; teacher; or a stay at home dad - really anyone who is creating community and friendships by Rescuing Hearts and Advancing the Kingdom.

A Ministry Ally is a non-profit organization who partners with Zoweh in advancing the Kingdom of God in their own sphere of influence.

A Church Ally is an official congregation of believers who partners with Zoweh in advancing the Kingdom of God in their local community.
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