Everybody needs beauty... places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike. - John Mui

Outdoor encounters for intimacy, training, and adventure with God.

Zoweh Outdoors specializes in creating Adventurous environments where Jesus comes for the hearts of His Beloved. Much of what Jesus did with his friends was out in creation; conversations around a fire, moments on a shoreline, teachings on a hillside... even walking on the water!

And it makes sense... The heart of God is wild—full of unending beauty and fierce love. Adventures in God’s creation offer some of the greatest environments in which to experience His wildness, beauty, and love. They are where God often whispers the truths of the Kingdom to our hearts. We have seen time and again God use adventures to test us, but also to rest us.

God has revealed to us who we are, where we are, and the good that he is up to in our lives while on adventures. Whether on backpacking trips, a day learning to fly fish, an afternoon with friends talking about deep moments in life, walking in a pheasant field, or just resting to take in a panoramic scenic view, "Come away with me" is always His invitation—an invitation that draws our hearts into intimacy with God and each other.

We love how God comes for our hearts in these spaces, where important teachings, deepening friendships, spiritual fathering, moments of validation, and critical times of initiation happen!

Join us at one of our upcoming ADVENTures, bonfires, or retreats. Come away with God into the grand cathedral of His creation and experience Him where our hearts can experience intimacy, healing, and training; where our hearts our turned loose with an amazing, wild, loving, Holy God. Experience More of God's Love, Life, and Freedom with Zoweh Outdoors!

Zoweh Outdoors
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