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All In Men (AIM) is a multi-church men’s fellowship that draws men together from across southern Maryland. We gather to encourage each other in our faith walk with Christ and to live out biblical values as a band of brothers. Large and small group get togethers allow us to be known and to make Jesus known. We regularly meet for spiritual formation, fun events, and service to our community. 


Iron Works/Old School Men's Meeting is based in South Alabama and have monthly and weekly meetings.  


New 4RMations (New Formations) is a non-denominational discipleship ministry equipping men to live full, adventurous lives in Jesus through the 4Rs of Relationship, Rescue, Restoration and Release, so they may become the men of influence God created them to be, and lead others to do and be the same.


Outpost Ministries in located in Manassas, Virginia. Our primary mission is to offer the message through our media resources, our conferences, and retreats.  We invite you to drink deeply from each of these springs ... to experience for yourself true life.




Our hope is to change the face of Christianity. Our desires are to... Recover the treasure of the Gospel; Transform the lives of men and women; Teach men and women to walk with God; While living it ourselves; Equip men to rescue others; Provide ongoing nourishment; Show the way to new wineskins



One of the things that has defined us as a church is a commitment to embodying the grace of God that we find in the person and gospel of Jesus Christ. Our hope has been to serve as a “front porch,” a gathering place, a place of entry for people who have lost their way home. We care deeply about communicating the truth of Christ through relevant, passionate worship and teaching.


Imperfect People Leaning into the Perfect Love of Jesus - Church based in Garland Texas


Men from over 15 different churches. Some don't have a church. We don't really care. What we do care about is that men don't walk alone. We strongly believe the local church is foundational to the work of God on the Earth. Yet we know that many men (and women, for that matter) slip in and out of a worship service and never connect with others. The Barn provides a place for men to connect. To be honest. To hear and learn from the stories of others.  We are not here to fix anyone, or do a bunch of teaching and preaching, We listen well, share stories, walk with God, and follow our hearts.




Local church meeting in Goldsboro NC.  Apart from Christ, there is no life.  As a local church and as individual believers within that church, we present Christ, share Christ, teach Christ, and demonstrate the love of Christ to our world.  To give Christ is to give life!


The Forge is the Men’s Ministry expression of The River Ministries. The Forge exists to be a catalyst for the hearts of men, endeavoring to wake them up to the bigger story they are vitally a part of and encouraging them to launch into the calling and desires of their lives.   We desire to inspire men to get their hearts back and be the leaders that we’re all called to be. Its an invitation to share one’s story, be Fathered well and to move forward into deep, godly masculinity.


There is a process of awakening our heart and desires, deepening our understanding and character and then fulfilling our desires and destiny. Or, put another way, discovering who we are, developing strength of heart and then re-aligning our life to who we have become.  The Noble Heart is based in Colorado and will help you discover your calling and desires.  


Training Ground is a Christ-centered, experiential discipleship program located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We invite young men, ages 18-25, to live in intentional community while discovering who they are in Christ and the fullness of life Jesus provides. Our program offers real life testing, intentional Biblical teaching, and leadership development centering around work, wilderness, and worship all through an intentional community of older men.
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