Zoweh Allies Gathering

ZBL (Zoweh Allies Base Launch) connects men to Zoweh Allies groups that are launching in a local area, with a goal of developing a beachhead of strong friendships - loving God and loving others - moving in the same direction for the Kingdom purposes of Redemptive Friendships.

ZBL is an opportunity to ...

  • Encourage and equip men for redemptive friendships in the local church, local organizations and/or your local friendships
  • Create a safe and adventurous environment where men are treated like men and invited into a journey of the heart to rescue men around them
  • Get solutions to real problems and questions that men face every day

My heart is full - tonight's ZAG brought me a perspective on masculine friendship that will guide me to the hearts of men all around me. - Carlos

Zoweh Allies Gathering

I'm always so humbled by the love and inclusion of the Zoweh Team. Michael and Greg loved me and our team so well! That love is straight from the heart of God and is an encouragement for me to love my men well. – Stephen

Zoweh Allies Gathering

About halfway through the night I looked around and saw a sea of men, all there for the purpose of "loving God, being loved by God and loving our brothers" if men really do this, it will change everything! - Kevin

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There are no ZBLs scheduled at this time.

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