The Mission of Allies Gatherings

Allies Gatherings endeavour to connect men to each other and to men creating spaces for Redemptive Friendships. Learn more here.

Why Sponsor Allies Gatherings 

Our desire is to make ZAG and ZBL events free for all attendees. Nonetheless, there is cost involved when traveling around the country, giving away free hardcover copies of The Heart of a Warrior and other gear, and providing food and door prizes. A ZAG generally costs $2,500 - $5000, depending on the number of attendees and a ZBL generally cost around $1500 - $2500. To help cover these expenses, we invite local churches, nonprofits, and business leaders to partner with Zoweh to make the event free for attendees maximizing the largest impact.

When a church, nonprofit, or business sponsors the event with a gift, they are giving back into the lives of the men of men in their local community. Their gifts will provide:

  • A free copy of The Heart of a Warrior to anyone in attendance who does not already have one (typically 50++ books per event).
  • A celebration and appreciation meal for local Allies Leaders – we invite leaders of men to unplug and be loved and celebrated.
  • Food and fellowship for the men at the event.
  • Adventure and outdoor activities for the men at the event. These include hatchets, archery, corn hole, fire pits, and more.
  • Items to help make the event comfortable, such as chairs or a tent if the event is outdoors.
  • Travel expenses for the Zoweh Allies Team.

Are there other ways to contribute?

Do you own a food truck or know of a restaurant that might be interested in donating food? Do you want to provide a meal for this event? Contact Greg at

Stages, chairs, audio/visual: If this event is not connected to a church, we may need audio/visual equipment, chairs, or tables. If you are interested in helping supply these resources, contact Greg at

To sponsor a Zoweh Allies Gathering or Base Launch, please click on the name of the event you would to sponsor below.