Zoweh Allies Gathering

ZAG (Zoweh Allies Gathering) is a fellowship of hearts - churches, ministries and men in a localized region gathering together with the mission of rescuing hearts and advancing the kingdom by connecting men to the "boots on the ground" or men who are creating spaces for men for redemptive friendships and helping to identify new leaders and launch new groups in that region.  ZAG partners with established men's groups already focusing on creating redemptive brotherhoods. Want to host a ZAG? Reach out to Greg Sailors at: allies@zoweh.org

ZAG is an opportunity to …

  • Form lasting brotherhood with other men, churches, and organizations in your region. Every man needs other men to do life with, and this is not your typical men’s group
  • Get solutions to real problems and questions men face every day
  • Receive encouragement and guidance
  • Provide much needed resources and coaching for those fighting for the hearts of men
Zoweh Allies Gathering

My heart is full - tonight's ZAG brought me a perspective on masculine friendship that will guide me to the hearts of men all around me. - Carlos

Zoweh Allies Gathering

I'm always so humbled by the love and inclusion of the Zoweh Team. Michael and Greg loved me and our team so well! That love is straight from the heart of God and is an encouragement for me to love my men well. – Stephen

Zoweh Allies Gathering

About halfway through the night I looked around and saw a sea of men, all there for the purpose of "loving God, being loved by God and loving our brothers" if men really do this, it will change everything! - Kevin

Upcoming ZAGs

Zoweh Allies Gathering: Eastern NC

Sat Nov 5, 2022 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT

White Feather Farm
1135 Edgewater Club, Wilmington, NC 28411

Free Event

Additional Coordinates

We know your desire for men to experience the life-changing and generation-altering love of God expressed through Jesus and His pursuit of us and our pursuit of each other. Want to invite your friends, family, and men at work/church/group to join you at ZAG? We want to make that as easy for you as possible, so we've created some graphics you can use in emails and texts or print and hand out. Click here to access all you need to invite them into more.

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