The Wounds of a Woman's Heart (audio: MP3)

The Wounds of a Woman's Heart (audio: MP3)

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...Who’s the fairest of them all?

There is not a woman alive who does not, on some level, feel the reality of heartache ... we quietly question whether there is enough loveliness in us to keep others engaged with our hearts.

Jan Myers, Author/Counselor
The Allure of Hope

Because every woman longs to be seen, to be romanced, to unveil beauty, and to play an irreplaceable role in the Larger Story… the feminine heart is set up for assault.The hearts, lives and gifts of women are opposed. The enemy of the feminine heart preys and schemes on women with a relentless strategy to discourage and deaden their hearts… holding them hostage and making them live from smaller places rather than living full and free. In CD 1, Linda Willett, Zoweh Deepening Weekend Conference speaker, shares from her life; both heartaches and wounds, as well as stories of the Relentless Redeemer who has led her to freedom. In CD 2, Robin Thompson is joined by Hope Marasco and Rebecca Burnett for a deeper conversation about the conference session and how these themes and truths look in their lives. We hope and pray God comes for women’s hearts through these audio resources and men are encouraged to better understand how to love, as well as how to fight for the heart of their Beauty!

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