Story is the language of the heart and telling a story is one of the greatest ways to tell the truth. Being Fathered is a critical element to every human being. It has to be because that is the way we are to know God… Father.

In a book that is part memoir, part inspirational guide, Scott Stankavage called in former college head coach and quarterback guru, Steve Wilson, to help mentor, or “Father" his son, Shawn. While Shawn reels from a devastating injury that threatens to end his college career before it ever begins, Scott realizes that Coach Wilson’s wisdom is applicable to life far from the football field and has the ability to impact the lives of not only football players but every human heart… all of us in need of Fathering. We invite you to step into a story that is your story—a story of pain, devastation, uncertainty, faith, healing, training… a comeback.  All of us are on a comeback and all of us need Fathering in order to become the “player” in this grand game of life we were born to be. For more information, please visit