The Heart of a Woman (audio: MP3)

The Heart of a Woman (audio: MP3)
The Core Desires of a Woman’s Heart
“Instead of asking, What should a woman do—what is her role? It would be far more helpful to ask, What is a woman—what is her design?”

Stasi Eldredge Captivating

Every woman longs to be seen, to be romanced, to unveil beauty and to play an irreplaceable role. It is what she desires, it is how she was designed. And every woman’s true heart is opposed. Join Robin Thompson as she unveils the significance and importance of a woman’s heart and all that is set against it. CD 1 is a recording from a live conference session where Robin had the privilege of sharing both the core desires that God has given the feminine heart and the enemy’s strategy against those desires. In CD 2, Robin is joined by Hope Marasco, Rebecca Burnett and Janie Schwab for a deeper conversation about how the themes and truths look in their lives. We hope and pray women will be encouraged to take steps toward freedom, and God comes for your heart through these audio resources inviting you into more.
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