The Heart of a Warrior Live (Conference Audio CD 2017)

The Heart of a Warrior Live (Conference Audio CD) is from the 2017 The Heart of a Warrior Encounter in Goshen VA.  This CD will invite you into an environment devoted to orientation, healing, restoration, and freedom—a experience that will change everything! Come join us on the journey to discovering…

Who you truly are Where you are, and The Good God is up to in your life.

The greatest stories that inspire us are those of men on a journey together, facing challenges and often overwhelming odds and battling beside each other for a cause greater than any one individual. The stories we admire and feel somewhere deep in our souls actually are offering something, calling to us of a certain kind of life, the life that declares, “this is what it looks like to follow God.”

Our Men’s weekend conferences and retreats are designed to change your life and both demonstrate as well as invite a man into what it looks like for the masculine heart to follow God. The CD Conferecne will do the same for you and we reccomend you getting away for a weekend to go through the CD Encounter.  So we invite you to join us on an expedition for the recovery of your deep heart and the restoration of who you are and the part you play in the Great Kingdom of Christ.

There are 2 CD is this set.  

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For Groups Resources
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6 oz
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7.5 × 5.5 × 1 in